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Bell’s Palsy Facial Palsy alternative therapies: Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage,

Bell’s Palsy or Facial Palsy is mostly unilateral facial nerve paralysis. Bell’s Palsy or Facial Palsy rarely happens to both sides of the face. Palsy can come on very suddenly. The facial nerve paralysis usually reaches its peak within one day. Bell’s Palsy or Facial Palsy symptoms: Face: facial muscle paralysis, facial expression is out […]


London threading, eyebrow, facial hair, popular for hair removal

In the last couple of years, threading has become very popular as a hair removal technique, especially for those people who have very sensitive skin: for example, eyebrow shaping by threading not waxing. Eyebrow threading, upper lip threading, chin threading, cheek threading, facial threading etc. are now the most highly demanded treatments for hair removal. […]


Back pain & lower back pain with Acupuncture, Tuina, Cupping & Guasha

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain indicates a blockage or stagnation of the flow of blood, fluids or Chi (energy). “No Blockage, No Pain; No Pain, No Blockage” London is a very stressful and stressed city. We have all suffered from back pain at one time or another in our life time. Acupuncture, Chinese Tuina massage, […]


Brazilian Waxing, Hollywood Waxing, Bikini Line Waxing

Regular Bikini Wax: Removes all the hair outside the panty line. It is good to tidy up before wearing a Bikini. High Bikini Wax: Takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax.It leaves more flexibility than regular bikini line for a bikini type underwear. Brazilian Wax: Takes all hair off […]