Back pain & lower back pain with Acupuncture, Tuina, Cupping & Guasha

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain indicates a blockage or stagnation of the flow of blood, fluids or Chi (energy). “No Blockage, No Pain; No Pain, No Blockage

London is a very stressful and stressed city. We have all suffered from back pain at one time or another in our life time. Acupuncture, Chinese Tuina massage, cupping detox seem to be growing rapidly in popularity in recent years. Especially in the City of London area, treatments for back pain, shoulder pain, lower back aches, headaches, and neck pain all those aches, soreness, pain, are in very high demand. Yoga, Taiji, swimming, gymnasium exercise is also very popular. There are so many reasons for back pain. We talk about back pain here in a angle of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). So

What are the main reasons for back pain, neck pain, and lower back pain?

acupuncture for back pain, london

There are 3 reasons for back pain or lower back pain in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Chinese medicine sees back pain and lower back pain quite differently from modern medicine. It can be diagnosed to be of the following various types.
1. External–Qi (chi/energy) stagnation. An external invasion of damp-cold or damp-heat to our body meridian lines can possibly block those channels along the spinal area, causing stiffness, tension and pain to parts of our body. When the body’s energy level is low, or when the immune system is weak, Qi is on the defensive. Once dampness conquers, Qi cannot flow freely. Arthritis is a typical form – the back and lower back is the most sensitive area for this kind of blockage and hence to the pain and stiffness which can go with it.
2. Trauma–Blood stasis causes back aches and pains. Blood stasis is from local trauma, for instance, heavy lifting, repetitive strain over time, a sporting injury, an accident or similar sprain, which leads to local inflammation, bruising, and thick purple blood that are found at the site of the trauma.
3. Internal—Kidney Yin or Yang deficiency can cause a very long period lower back pain. The lower back is very much influenced by the kidney – Qi, rather than wind-Cold. This internal cause or weakness can be associated with poor diet, insufficient rest, too much activity, overwork, excessive sex, multiple pregnancy and childbirth, standing for long periods of time, overuse of drugs, chronic illness, genetic weakness, being over-emotional, fear, anxiety, upset, obesity, sleeping disorders or general ageing, as our Qi is naturally declining.
Many intra-abdominal disorders – such as appendicitis, aneurysms, kidney diseases, bladder infections, pelvic infections, and ovarian disorders, can cause pain to the back area. Pain arising from various other organs may be felt in the back. This is called referred pain.  Check with your GP doctor before contacting us if you suspect your back pain might be a referred pain.
Why does blocked chi/Qi harm our body gives us pain, soreness, aches?

Chi or Qi (energy) flows through the meridians, like water flows through a stream, and can be blocked off by an obstruction – a dam across the meridian line or stream. The blockage in our body meridian lines could be caused by the influence of bad weather, or ingestion of improper foods or an emotional wound. A stream is blocked, it floods above the blockage, and it dries up below the blockage. Likewise, if our body Qi is blocked, toxin, negative Qi, tension, stiffness occurs just like the flooding and dryness in the stream; if the blockage is removed within a meridian, the natural flow will push negative Qi or toxin and tension away from our body.
Creating a small hole or crevice in the blockage will often clear the entire stream path. In our body, inserting a small needle into the blocked meridian will have a similar effect. Many acupuncture points are named after geological structures: mountains, streams, ponds and oceans.
Acupuncture, Acupressure, Tui Na Massage, Cupping and Guasha all release pain by unblocking blocked Qi/Chi and are the best choices for treating pain tension.
Acupuncture, Tui Na, Cupping and Guasha etc. are the most major therapeutic treatments among Traditional Chinese Medicine, and are extremely effective in treating either acute or chronic back pain/lower back pain. Many cases of chronic back-ache of many years duration can be cleared in just a few sessions. Acute back-ache from sprains or invasion of Damp-Cold Qi can be released in a few treatments, or even in only one. If, however, the acute attack is a return of a chronic problem, the treatment will take much longer: usually a course of around 10-15 sessions.
In Chisense Health Beauty Clinic, we specialise in treating various pains, tension, muscle tender soreness, muscle aches with traditional Chinese Medicine therapies – acupuncture and Tuina massage are very popular treatments in our clinic. Guasha is most effective for some acute muscle tension stiffness.  Cupping is more pleasant de-toxing treatment.
In traditional Chinese medicine, back pain can be identified by 4 kinds of symptoms, as you are reading this article, I assume that you or someone you know has or has had back pain, and you are looking for a treatment or a solution to the pain/tension/aches. Please check out these typical symptoms below to see which one you are familiar with:
4 typical symptoms, which one is closer to your back pain?
Back pain 1. Pain is constant and heavy, dull, travelling to the hips, it’s hard to turn around and worsens during rainy and cloudy days. The tongue has a white and greasy coating, and the pulse slows down.
Back Pain 2. Back pain area has a burning sensation, worsening during the hot weather or a rainy day. Pain/soreness/aches can be reduced after some movements. Urine is reduced and urine colour is darkish. Tongue coating is yellow and greasy.
Back pain 3. Back had an injury previously, pain is a sharp pain and the position is stable, painful when touching. The pain area feels better during the day but is worse at night. It is hard to turn over. Tongue is dark with patches.
Back Pain 4. Lumbar area and legs feel lassitude. Patient feels lack of interest, vitality or energy. Areas feel better when massaged or touched.
If none of above 4 types of symptoms is like yours, please contact Wen via the Chisense Health Beauty Clinic contact form for a consultation. Alternatively, try to Skype her at: ChisenseClinic or telephone her on 07853 984 877