Eyelashes/Brows Tinting

Eyelash Tinting an approximately 15 minutes treatment, which dyes your existing eyelashes to make them look darker. The colour options depend on your hair colour. We offer black, blue, blue/black, brown and brown/black to suit your complexion.
The first time you have this done, you must visit the salon 24 hours prior to your treatment to have a patch test. The patch test simply involves putting a small amount of the eyelash tint on your inner arm to check for an allergic reaction.
During the actual treatment, the therapist will place cotton wool under your closed eyes, then carefully dab the dye onto your eyelashes. The dye will then be removed after ten minutes with water. Unless the dye gets into your eyes, which will cause stinging, the treatment should not hurt.

Benefits of eyelash tinting are for people

  • with known sensitivity to make-up
  • involved in sporting activities, especially swimming
  • with no time to apply make-up daily
  • wearing contact lens
  • seeking to enhance general appearance of eyes
  • with fine eyebrows

Eyebrow Tinting is a less than 10 minutes treatment, its idea is the same as Eyelash Tinting treatment.

Eyebrow Shaping/Styling The treatment starts with a consultation on a suitable eyebrow shape. Cleansing the eyebrow area, the hair removal is performanced by the method of either threading or warm waxing. A calming lotion is applied to soothe the skin afterwards.