Chisense Health Beauty Acupuncture Clinic Prices List

Skin Care Hair Removal Waxing Hair Removal Threading Eye Care Nail Care Acupuncture Cosmetic Acupuncture Reflexology Guasha Cupping Auriculotherapy Massage Package Fengshui Voucher

Skin Care
Chisense Facial dry, tired, dull, ageing & combination skin £40/50mins
Deep Cleansing Facial— Oily(acne, blackheads) skinOzone steaming & Extraction £40/60mins
Facial Acupressure Massage— Dry/Tired/Dull/Ageing SkinMeridian Massage on Face, Eyes, Head, Neck, Shoulders £35/30mins
Back CleansingCleansing, Exfoliation, Steaming, Aromatherapy Massage. £50/50mins
Hair Removal (Strip Waxing) Top
Full Leg Waxing £25
3/4 Leg Waxing £20
Half Leg Waxing £18
Bikini £10
High Bikini Waxing £15
Super High Bikini Waxing(excl.central vertical line of vulva) £25
Hollywood/Brazilian Waxing £30
Full Arm Waxing £20
Half Arm Waxing £15
Under Arm Waxing £10
French Bikini Waxing £20
Back/Neck Waxing £20
Chest Waxing £20
Lip or Chin Waxing £7
Hair Removal (Strip Waxing) for Male Top
Full Leg & Feet & Toes Waxing £35
Full Arm & Hands Waxing £25
Underarm Waxing £15
Full Arm & Hands & Underarms Waxing £35
Back Waxing £25
Chest Waxing £25
Back & Chest (Torso) £45
Stomach Waxing £10
Half Arm Waxing £20
Individual Patches Waxing From £10
Hair Removal (Threading) Top
Eyebrow Shaping/Styling Threading £10
Eyebrow and Upper Lip Threading £15
Chin or Upper lip Threading £7
Facial Threading excl. eyebrows £25
Nail Care Top
Manicure (File, cuticle, moist, massage, polish)
Pedicure (File, cuticle, moist, massage, polish)
File & Polish
Eye Care Top
Eyelash Tinting £12
Eyebrow Shaping £10
Eyebrow Tinting £8
Eye Revitalizing Massage
Acupuncture Top
Acupuncture  £50/90mins
Course* of 10 sessions(x 60mins) £400
Comprehensive Acupuncture  £50/90mins
Cosmetic Acupuncture Top
Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation/Scar Reduction/Tightening £60/90mins
Acupuncture for Weight Control/Cellulite £60/90mins
Acupuncture for Acne with Facial extraction £70/100
Auriculotherapy (acupuncture on Ears or seeds on Ears) £30/30mins
Patch Acupuncture £35/30mins
Massage Top
Deep Tissue Massage/Acupressure/Shiatsu £30/20mins
Aromatherapy/Swedish Massage £35/30mins
Guasha Detox Top
Single Session 30 mins £40/30mins
Chinese Traditional Tuina Corrective Massage £40/30mins
Cupping Detox £40/40mins
Reflexology £65/60mins
Head Massage £35/30mins
Packages Top
Birthday Girl £70/80mins
Aroma Facial, Scalp, Hand and Stomach Massage
Birthday Boy £65/70mins
Back Cleansing, Back Massage, Scalp & Facial Massage
Mother’s Day £85/90mins
Chi Facial, Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology
Father’s Day £85/90mins
Aromatherapy Massage, Scalp & Facial Massage
Pre-Holiday £60/60mins
Facial Massage, Hollywood Waxing
Pampering Day £99/120mins
Aromatherapy Massage & Facial, Eyebrow Tidy Top