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Depression, stress, anxiety therapy with Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used to help with depression, anxiety and stress in China since long ago. The book<HuangDi NeiJing> (an ancient Chinese medical text which has been considered as the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese medicine for more than two millennia) has guided the therapies on depression, stress and anxiety. In London Chisense Clinic has been successfully working with people […]


Bell’s Palsy Facial Palsy alternative therapies: Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage,

Bell’s Palsy or Facial Palsy is mostly unilateral facial nerve paralysis. Bell’s Palsy or Facial Palsy rarely happens to both sides of the face. Palsy can come on very suddenly. The facial nerve paralysis usually reaches its peak within one day. Bell’s Palsy or Facial Palsy symptoms: Face: facial muscle paralysis, facial expression is out […]


Acupuncture for headaches and migraine headaches

Headache and migraine are very common health problems. According to the World Health Organisation 80% of women suffer from headache or migraine on a regular basis, and around two-thirds of men do too. For chronic cases, both tension headaches and migraine headaches can be helped by acupuncture successfully. The headaches come about for various reasons. […]


Food therapy: Chinese Soup for increased daily energy

Like western porridge, Chinese congee has its function as an everyday meal. Besides, congee is considered as food therapy for the unwell, including babies, ladies after giving birth, older people and people with digestive problems.


London threading, eyebrow, facial hair, popular for hair removal

In the last couple of years, threading has become very popular as a hair removal technique, especially for those people who have very sensitive skin: for example, eyebrow shaping by threading not waxing. Eyebrow threading, upper lip threading, chin threading, cheek threading, facial threading etc. are now the most highly demanded treatments for hair removal. […]


Why acupuncture therapy can help with weight loss

Overweight? How to lose weight? Have you gone on a reduced calorie diet, but your weight is still higher than the average weight for your stature. Which effective weight losing treatments or solutions are there out there? How can acupuncture help achieve weight loss? Many studies and practical cases have demonstrated that acupuncture can help overweight […]


Facial acupuncture rejuvenation: anti-ageing, reduce skin wrinkles

Crow’s feet wrinkles (eye wrinkles), forehead wrinkles, wrinkles around lip and mouth, wrinkles, wrinkles… as we all know, wrinkles are inevitable for ageing skin, especially after middle age, when signs of our body organs ageing become noticeable. As the biggest organ of our body, our skin ages along with the rest. Can we protect our […]


Acupuncture therapy helps chronic back pain–Timesonline

Thanks to my wonderful client Ms McLennan for sending me this useful link from TIMESONLINE today regarding acupuncture for chronic back pain. Here is the whole article… Using acupuncture to help with chronic back pain is more effective than standard treatments alone, a leading scientific study has found. Trials involving 638 back pain sufferers have suggested that […]


Facial acupuncture for Acne skin

Acupuncture is a very effective way to fight acne and with no side effects to worry about. Many of our clients have experienced extremely positive results after this therapy. During acupuncture therapy, you are also required to undergo certain nutritional and lifestyle changes to obtain the best results. Acne is a very common problem of […]


Chinese Acupuncture for Menopause

In Chisense Clinic, traditional Chinese acupuncture technique is the main method to treat clients who are suffering from menopause symptoms, which has seen as a efficient alternative treatment comparing with conventional medicine approach HRT. Menopause treated by Acupuncture The principle of TCM acupuncture for menopause treatment,  is to improve energy flow and blood circulation throughout […]