Chinese Feng Shui

In Ancient China the art of balancing the flow of Chi within a building or landscape was known as Feng Shui which literally translates as "wind" and "water". The influence of Chi on the space through which it flows is thought to be determined by the orientation of wind and water energies within that space.

Healthy energy is moving energy, like water it needs to flow and circulate to be beneficial. A river moves easily and gently in and around rocks and other natural elements. Stagnant water breeds disease.

Feng Shui applies to both business and residential premises and is important to consider when moving into a new property or carrying out building work on an existing space.

By affecting the distribution of Chi in your surroundings you can positively influence your career, health, wealth, love life and family relationships.

Many people avoid learning about Feng Shui because they fear change. They worry their home may require major renovations they cannot afford but often just by rearranging the existing contents of a room the space can be transformed into a living, breathing manifestation of the life they want to live. Conversely, not

making any necessary changes can in fact prove more expensive in the long run due to the effects that negative energy can have on every aspect of their lives.

Feng Shui at Chisense

We have experienced unbelievable positive change in our own life and work place after applying the principles of Feng Shui to Chisense surroundings and we were inspired to return to China to learn XuanKong Feng Shui in Shaoxing which is the birthplace of many eminent Feng Shui Masters throughout history.

XuanKong Feng Shui attempts to guide Chi evenly and continually through a designated space by using specific rules which are based on the mathematical calculations of the I Ching (The Book Of Changes) and the Chinese Five Element System and is considered one of the most powerful and efficient styles.

As well as consulting for business and residential properties Wen also applies Feng Shui principles to her work in Web Design which in combination with her experience as a Newspaper Editor and her Marketing MBA ensures that any website she designs will attract a wider audience and bring greater success to the business it promotes due to the subtle inclusion of Feng Shui and other elements.